Cesta domů Publishing House

Cesta domů (The Homecoming) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization which established the first mobile palliative care unit in the Czech Republic in 2001 and simultaneously a small publishing house.

Cesta domů publishing house prints books for children and adults on death and dying, sense of life and important topics connected with end-of-life care. We publish brochures, leaflets and books for caregivers, families, mourning people, children and for nurses, social workers and physicians. We try to work on public education in various ways. We appreciate your helping us to help

Kocouře, ty se máš
Martina Špinková
A smutek utek
Marka Míková, Bára Valecká
Když dinosaurům někdo umře
Laurie Krasny Brown, Marc Brown
Slon v pokoji
Earl A. Grollman
Umění rozhovoru o konci života
Angelo E. Volandes
Annie adn Grannny
Martina Špinková
Fear - a brother like no other
Martina Špinková
O smrti smrťoucí
Pernilla Stalfelt
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