About us

Cesta domu (The Homecoming) provides expert care to terminally ill persons and to their caregivers in their home environment. It also seeks to contribute to the social and legislative changes that will improve the care for dying people in the Czech Republic.

The Homecoming is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation established in 2001. Activities of the organisation focuse on two areas:

  • To establish and operate a community palliative care unit in Prague, offering concrete help to families who have decided to care for their dying family member at home.
  • To introduce structural social and legislative changes, that would make it possible to extend quality care for the dying everywhere in the Czech Republic.

Although more than 80 % of the people in our country would like to die at home, an overwhelming majority of them die in hospitals or other institutions, separated from their loved ones, frequently in conditions lacking dignity and without adequate care.

The Homecoming is trying to change this situation. It offers to families who would like to care for their dying member at home a complete set of services:

Consultation Service

The Homecoming free Consultation Service provides complex personal, phone and Internet consultation to the dying, to those who look after the terminally ill, bereaved relatives, and others from all over the Czech Republic. The consultants help to deal with the new situation, select appropriate service or equipment and deliver required contacts. They can also consult basic nursery procedures in the care for seriously ill patients. They explain principles of the community palliative care unit services and mediate the first contact for initiating the care of the hospice.

Community palliative care unit

The Homecoming provides specialized palliative care to adults and children alike with terminal illness and to their families. This care focuses especially on pain control and alleviation of other sever side-effects of dying. The hospice enables the patients to spend their final days in dignity, allowing them to spend time together with their families, to say goodbye, and to stay at home. Our team, which provides regular home visits, consists of nurses, doctors, social workers, psychoterapists, other specialists, and volunteers. The medical team is available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and provides its services in the district of Prague.

Consultation Service office

Should you need our community palliative care unit services, contact the Consultation Service office or visit us to receive more information, advice and support.

Phone.: +420 775 166 863
E-mail: poradna@cestadomu.cz

Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

Address: Boleslavská 16, 130 00 Prague 3 (map)

Respite Services

Respite Services complement the services provided by The Homecoming. Our assistants provide day care services, focused on practical help with activities that a healthy person is able to perform on their own (hygiene, cooking, shopping, errands etc.) and respite care in more difficult situations (outing, reading out loud etc.). The Respite Services are provided to the patients of the community palliative care unit as well as the general public in Prague.

Medical Equipment Rental

The renting of specialized medical equipment enables providing of high quality care in the home environment while also making it easier for the caregivers. Basic and specialized equipment for easing and ameliorating care for disabled and/or seriously ill patients, for seniors and people who have had an accident are in stock.

Bereavement Club

The Bereavement Club provides both time and space for those who are dealing with a loss of a close person. The Club is managed by an experienced psychotherapist and offers an informal setting and a friendly environemt where the bereaved relatives have an opportunity to share their experience.

Other services

  • Public Palliative Library

    The Library of The Homecoming is the only public library specialized in palliative care in the Czech Republic. It has a unique stock of books and journals focused on the care for the dying as well as other related issues. The Library is opened to everyone, can be useful for the general public as well as experts looking for particular professional reference and those who already have experience with death or dying.

  • Publishing House

    The Homecoming publishes books for children and adults on death and dying, sense of life and important topics connected with End-of-Life Care. We publish brochures, leaflets and books on efficient pain treatment, how to speak to those who have lost someone, how to tell the truth we are afraid of, how to help one another, how to mourn, and on mourning in children. All our publications are available in our e-shop, most of them can also be bought in our charity shops.

  • Charity Shops

    Our charity gift shops can be found at these addresses
    Bubenská 3, Prague 7 (map)
    Bělohorská 90, Prague 6 (map)
    and are open on Mon–Fri: 10 am–6 pm.
    Books, cups and bowls, CDs, handmade jewellery, bags, decorations, linen gift bags, games, toys and many other beautiful things are available there.

  • Charity Café

    In October 2016, our charity Café was opened in Soukenická 15, Prague 1 (Mon–Fri: 8 am–7 pm) and serves as a place to meet, find out more on the services of The Homecoming, read our books and other publications, and to have good coffee.

  • Educational Activities

    An indispensable part of our work is to bring the topic of death and dying into public discourse. Not only does it improve the situation of people at the end of their lives but it also stabilizes the status of hospice organizations in the Czech Republic. That is why The Homecoming organizes a number of educational cycles and lectures for professionals as well as the general public. Additionaly, we organise awareness-raising campaigns and fundraising events that help us to create a social environment which not only supports our work but also promotes the rights of the dying people in the Czech Republic.
    The Homecoming runs several web sites providing information, establishing contact and mediating advisory services regarding the end of life, dying, death, care for terminally ill, care for dying people and care for the bereaved:

  • Volunteers

    The work of volunteers is extremely important for all activities of The Homecoming. Volunteers provide help in patients’ families or accompany bereaved relatives, they attend the Bereavement Club, organize various cultural, educational and fundraising events, help with administrative and editorial work, transport aids and supplies to families as well as other useful tasks. They work in their free time and without any salary. The voluntary work helps significantly with improving public opinion on end-of-life care.