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Advisory Centre

We provide advice and information to those who care for a dying person in their home or to those who want to prepare for such care. We are here for people who cope with the loss of a loved one and need to talk. Our services are free for everyone in the Czech Republic.
The Centre also provides support to people who are seriously ill and are interested in their care options. It also provides support to those who cope with the loss of a loved one. Our Advisory Centre also provides support and counselling to parents who receive an unfavourable diagnosis in relation to their unborn baby.

Hospice Care

We offer 24/7 specialized palliative care to terminally ill and dying adults and children in their home environment. The care focuses on alleviating pain and other serious symptoms associated with terminal illness and dying. We support their loved ones in daily care for the patient.

Our doctors and nurses provide specialized healthcare services. Our support team consists of psychologists, social workers, a cleric and psychotherapists. We offer respite care and services using our network of volunteers. We offer a variety of medical aids and equipment. We provide hospice care at homes of adult patients in the Capital City of Prague and in the greater Prague area, and to paediatric patients also in the Central Bohemian Region (Středočeský kraj).

Basic conditions for admission to care:

  • the terminally ill person is in the final stage of an illness with weeks or months left to live;
  • residence in the city of Prague (no requirements regarding permanent residence or Czech citizenship);
  • at least someone close to the patient is able to perform all-day care.

Palliative and Supportive Care Consulting Service

In the form of a one-time visit, our palliative care professionals consult and help treat both physical and other symptoms of patients with advanced cancer and non-cancerous diseases. We also help formulate a plan of care.

Patients can be examined by a doctor on Cesta domů’s premises or, if the patient is unable to come, our doctor can examine the patient at home. You can request an outpatient visit at the Cesta domů Advice Centre.


If you need advice on care for the terminally ill or would like to apply for our services, please contact our Advisory Centre:

Phone: +420 775 166 863
Email: poradna@cestadomu.cz
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Address: Heleny Kočvarové 1, 140 00 Prague 4 (map)

Respite Services

Respite services support long-term seriously ill and terminally ill people who are unable to manage everyday activities by themselves due to their sickness. Our trained assistants visit clients at their homes, help them with self-care (dressing, personal hygiene, preparing meals and feeding…) and keep them in contact with the outside world (keeping them active, accompanying them out of their homes, going for walks with them). The respite services enable them to stay in their home environment while their close relatives have time to rest or run errands of their own. We provide respite services to patients at their homes on weekdays in the Capital City of Prague region.

We also provide residential respite services where seriously and terminally ill clients who are permanently confined to bed receive 24-hour care for the duration of 2–3 weeks, so that their caregivers can regain their strength to continue caring for their loved ones at home upon their return. We provide residential respite services in four single rooms at our main office premises at Heleny Kočvarové 1, Prague 4. Our trained assistants look after our clients throughout the day so that each day corresponds as much as possible to the clients’ day-to-day lives. Permanent residence in the area of the Capital City of Prague is not a condition for the provision of residential respite services.

Support Services

Our support team consists of psychologists, social workers, a cleric and psychotherapists.

To patients in our hospice care and their families and caregivers we offer:

  • help and assistance in social issues;

  • a supportive interview;

  • one-time or regular meetings at home or on Cesta domů’s premises;

  • either one-time or regular psychotherapeutic support during treatment or in the course of the grieving period;

  • and support in spiritual and existential questions.

To members of the public, i. e. people outside our hospice care, we offer:

  • support to the ill in the period after receiving a life-limiting diagnosis;

  • counseling services and support to people after a loss or at a time when the death of a loved one is expected;

  • support for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one a long time ago and feel consumed with grief;

  • psychosocial support for patients and their families who are in the outpatient care of Cesta domů;

  • perinatal palliative care and support for parents who have just been given a life-limiting diagnosis in relation to their unborn or just born baby;

  • support for a family during the loss of a baby;

  • guided self-help monthly meetings at Klub Podvečer on Cesta domů’s premises for those who have been bereaved and who do not want to grieve alone.

Rental of Medical Aids and Equipment

We provide basic and specialized medical aids and equipment that make it easier to care for the seriously ill and the dying at home. Our equipment can also help improve the quality of life of senior clients, disabled people and those who have suffered an injury. We offer advice on choosing suitable medical aids, as well as explaining and teaching clients how to use the chosen equipment. Both short- and long-term rental is possible. We rent adjustable beds and anti-bedsore mattresses, oxygen concentrators (we require confirmation from a doctor), electric patient lifts, wheelchairs and walkers, hygiene aids (toilet chairs, bath seats and shower seats) and aids for positioning a lying patient. The rental of medical aids and equipment is available both to our hospice patients and to the general public. We recommend that you arrange the rental by phone in advance.

Our other services

  • Education

    We present lectures and take part in educational programmes for the professional and lay public in palliative care. We offer professional traineeships for doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. We manage the information portal Umírání.cz for patients and caregivers and participate in TV and radio debates. We run our own awareness campaigns on end-of-life related issues – have a look at Thinkaboutdeath.org.

  • Library

    The only public library in Prague that focuses on end-of-life literature, care for the dying, palliative medicine and bereavement. It helps professionals and students training to become caregivers but also people who have a personal experience with dying or who think about the meaning of the end of life.

  • Publishing House

    We publish literature on death, dying, care for the ill and bereavement. The publishing house focuses on both children and adults, professionals and general public. All our publications may be purchased in our charity shops and online.

  • Charity Shops

    We run two charity shops in Prague with new and secondhand products (stationery, clothes, books, ceramics, gifts). Sales revenue is used for the operation of Cesta domů. The shops are located at the following addresses: Bubenská 3, Prague 7 (map) and Bělohorská 74, Prague 6 (map). They are open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.
    You can also shop online.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteers play an important role in hospice care. At Cesta domů, we greatly appreciate their time, work and abilities. They help us in patients’ families, in charity shops and during charity events.

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